Web design and graphic identity

The creation of your graphic identity is one of the most important steps in the creation of your business.

We work with you to understand your environment and transform it into meaningful graphic creations taking into account your business, your values, your influence, your competitors, etc.

In your graphic identity we attach great importance to the creation of a logo, it is usually the cornerstone of your graphic charter.

Once your logo is defined, we can look at the rest of your graphic identity, web design, the interfaces of your IT tools, as much for the user experience (UX/UI design) as for the pure graphic part.

Nothing is left to chance, choice of the main colors and their variations, choice of fonts, creation of iconography, design of product and service catalogs, design of professional and sales document templates, we accompany you in the entire creation of your graphic chart.

All our services

Logo creation

Logo creation by Pi Studio

The strength of a logo lies in the simplicity of its result and the complexity of its realization. Call on our graphic designers to design your logo and thus obtain a logo worthy of your company.

Creation of business cards

Creation of business cards by Pi Studio

Your business card will travel, pass from hand to hand, perhaps even without you, and it will continue to present you throughout its life, which is why it deserves a professional design.

Catalog Design

Catalog Design by Pi Studio

Digital or printed, your catalog presents your products and must highlight them to attract your customers and prospects. Call on our services for the design of your catalog.


Iconography by Pi Studio

Harmonize all the icons of your company, as much for your website as for your sales documents and benefit from a unified graphic charter with a set of professional iconography.

Complete graphic identity

Complete graphic identity by Pi Studio

Discover our complete packs for your graphic identity, choice of colors and their variations, logo creation, choice of fonts, get a complete graphic charter for the presentation of your company.

Professional photography

Professional photography by Pi Studio

Present your products in an exceptional light to make your customers want to buy them at first glance.

Website design

Website design by Pi Studio

Customized or through a content management platform, we offer you a website design in accordance with your graphic charter and your business.

Application design

Application design by Pi Studio

Smartphones have become the preferred point of entry for users and allow your company to remain at the heart of your customers’ thoughts.

Ergonomics, UX/UI design

Ergonomics, UX/UI design by Pi Studio

Specialized in customer path and user interface, our creations meet specifications that respect standards, precise and strict, allowing us to provide superior quality work for a minimum investment.

Your project in few steps

1. Discovering your project

Discovering your project by Pi Studio

Let’s start with a coffee and discuss your project. We will guide you in formalizing your needs to clearly identify the tasks to be accomplished to complete your project.

Objectives :

  • Go through your entire project
  • Establish project goals and objectives
  • Understanding your business and its environment
  • Clarify all questions from the project team
  • Establish the assumptions and limits of the project
  • Deliver a global mapping of the project

2. Implementation of the graphic chart of the project

Implementation of the graphic chart of the project by Pi Studio

From the information provided, we set up the graphic environment that will be the basis for the creation of the project to obtain a result consistent with your graphic charter.


  • Define the graphic environment
  • Fill in the gaps if needed

3. Proposals and graphic creations

Proposals and graphic creations by Pi Studio

Here is the actual creation stage, according to the defined project outlines one or more graphic proposals will be made and discussed with you to arrive at a suitable result.

Objectives :

  • Create the graphic elements
  • Adjust the graphic elements according to your feedback
  • Harmonize the graphic set according to the established charter.

4. Final rendering of the project

Final rendering of the project by Pi Studio

You are delivered! According to the outlines established with you in the previous steps, you are delivered all the sources of the graphic creations of your project so that you can use them and continue to develop your brand with a harmonized and updated graphic charter.

Our last project

Hosteria Mandála

  • Web page design
  • Photography
  • Web page development
  • SEO optimization
  • Outsourcing
Hosteria Mandála by Pi Studio

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Fasten your seatbelt because you are being taken to the end of your project at supersonic speed. All means are implemented for your project and if that is not enough, we have many more resources for you!



Warm up your neurons for our crazy brainstorm. You will be surprised by your own creativity that we will awaken during our work sessions.



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