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Web tools are nowadays at the heart of our lives, both personal and professional, and we spend a lot of time visiting websites.

Since its creation, computer science has been designed to equip man and its possibilities are limitless. From the simple showcase site or e-commerce site which is your business card with worldwide reach, to the most complex business applications to make your work more efficient, your IT strategy is just waiting for you to get started.

At Pi Studio, we accompany you in the IS approach that suits you by providing you with the right tools at each stage of your growth. Your information system must reflect your company in its activity but also in its values, that’s why it is so important to call upon professionals to build your IS environment.

Whatever the stage of growth you are facing, we accompany you to set up your next step in the web world.

All our services

Creation of showcase sites

Creation of showcase sites by Pi Studio

The presence on the internet has become in a few years an essential element of professional credibility. We offer you the creation of a showcase site for your company, from a simple website with a single page and a single language to “exist” on the internet to a complete site to develop your brand internationally.

Creation of e-commerce website

Creation of e-commerce website by Pi Studio

Increase the reach of your sales force with an e-commerce site that will allow you to reach more customers with an effective web strategy.

Business application and information system

Business application and information system by Pi Studio

Empower your business and your employees with effective web tools to optimize your work. A business application allows you to structure your company to support its growth.

Outsourcing services

Outsourcing services by Pi Studio

Your web strategy is your e-battle plan to conquer new markets and develop your business, come and discover our outsourcing services to support you in this process.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing by Pi Studio

Today, social networks play an important role in the communication with your customers and we can help you make it more effective through an efficient web marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing by Pi Studio

Let your customers come to you naturally thanks to innovative inbound marketing techniques that will save you time and allow you to focus on your strategic activities.

Your project in few steps

1. Discovering your project

Discovering your project by Pi Studio

Let’s start with a coffee and discuss your website project. We will guide you in formalizing your needs to properly identify the tasks to be accomplished to complete your project.

Objectives :

  • Browse through your entire project
  • Establish project goals and objectives
  • Understanding your business and its environment
  • Clarify all questions from the project team
  • Establish the assumptions and limits of the project
  • Deliver a global mapping of the project

2. Project planning

Project planning by Pi Studio

Based on the information provided and the global mapping of the project, we set up a project management schedule with the deliverables of each step. According to your choices, we can set up an AGILE management of your project allowing you to obtain faster results to anticipate the needs and limits of your system.

Objectives :

  • Plan in a global and detailed way
  • Write detailed specifications
  • Obtain validation of the project outlines from you
  • Define the deliverables for each step
  • Define the main lines of the design

3. Design

Design by Pi Studio

You will be able to see the first results of our collaboration at this stage of the project. In a first step and according to the defined steps we set up navigable mock-ups of your website project to understand the customer journey and the user experience.

Then we color these mock-ups to obtain a global visual of the final product.

Objectives :

  • Define the customer journey and user experience
  • Create navigable models
  • Decline the design according to the type of screen (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.)
  • Obtain confirmation of the overall design of the final product

4. Development

Development by Pi Studio

At Pi Studio we see the development stage as a cooperation between you and us. We define sub-steps in the development of the project that allow you to appreciate the progress of the website by delivering features little by little that you can start taking over until the final product is delivered.

Objectives :

  • Meet the requirements of the specifications
  • Implementing an agile strategy according to the above definitions
  • Set up a technical environment appropriate to the project
  • Develop tools according to the latest standards
  • Realize and optimize the code
  • Include you in the results

5. Testing and acceptance

Testing and acceptance by Pi Studio

Each stage of development is subjected to a series of strict tests to ensure that it works properly. We involve you in the results obtained in order to make you understand our methodologies. At the end of the project, you will be given a “acceptance” notebook to ensure that the system works properly.

Objectives :

  • To set up a test plan according to the functionalities of the specifications.
  • Isolated and nested testing of the system and its modules
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the global and unitary system.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance by Pi Studio

A project does not end when it is delivered, it is alive and that is why we systematically include a maintenance follow-up of your web tools. According to the technological evolutions we keep your tools up to date and audit them regularly to ensure their proper functioning. We also accompany you in the design of new functionalities for your web tools.

Objectives :

  • Improvement of functionalities
  • Security audits
  • System backup and recovery
  • Update based on technological developments
  • Server load monitoring and application optimization

Our last project

Hosteria Mandála

  • Web page design
  • Photography
  • Web page development
  • SEO optimization
  • Outsourcing
Hosteria Mandála by Pi Studio

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