Project engineering and consulting in project management

Your business evolves, grows, develops, and there comes a time when it needs to structure itself to continue to grow healthily. This growth is accompanied by a structuring of your information system, the implementation of a web strategy and a tooling of your teams to enable them to work efficiently.

We accompany you in this structuring by the business expertise of your professional environment and project management for the implementation of an effective web strategy.

All our services

Collection of the need

Collection of the need by Pi Studio

The collection of the need is the cornerstone of any project, it is the preliminary step to any project of structuring your information system.

Development of specifications

Development of specifications by Pi Studio

The specification is the necessary document for all the actors of the project, it serves as a basis for any development and helps you to understand the ins and outs of your project.

Choice of providers

Choice of providers by Pi Studio

The choice of the service providers who will carry out your project is essential for the good progress of your project, we put at your disposal our selection of professional contacts.

Turnkey project management

Turnkey project management by Pi Studio

No more need to worry about project management, with our turnkey project management solutions, we take care of your web project from A to Z.

Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting by Pi Studio

Our consulting expertise of more than 10 years of experience will ensure the success of your information system structuring project.

Provider follow-up

Provider follow-up by Pi Studio

Every construction site deserves a precise follow-up of the services performed and we take care of the follow-up of the service providers to ensure the good progress of the project.

Follow-up of objectives

Follow-up of objectives by Pi Studio

Defining clear and precise objectives is important for a web project, but monitoring the achievement of these objectives is even more important to ensure the success of an information system project.

Technical and functional acceptance

Technical and functional acceptance by Pi Studio

Receiving is used to test the proper functioning and limits of an information system to ensure that it meets the specifications defined at the outset of the project.

Your project in few steps

1. Discovering your project

Discovering your project by Pi Studio

Let’s start with a coffee and discuss your information system project. We will guide you in formalizing your needs to clearly identify the tasks to be accomplished to complete your project.

Objectives :

  • Go through your entire project
  • Establish project goals and objectives
  • Understanding your business and its environment
  • Clarify all questions from the project team
  • Establish the assumptions and limits of the project
  • Deliver a global mapping of the project

2. Defining the strategy

Defining the strategy by Pi Studio

Starting from the discovery stage of your project and your business environment, we work together to develop a clear and precise IT strategy to agree on the goals to be achieved and the contours of the project.

Objectives :

  • Define the objectives, contours and limits of the project
  • Break down the project into stages
  • Project the expected results at each stage

3. Elaboration of the specifications

Elaboration of the specifications by Pi Studio

The elaboration of the specifications is the bridge between your business and the IT solutions that will meet your needs. Here the trade and the technique meet to create this alchemy that will give the final result you expect.

Objectives :

  • Explain the constraints and business objectives of your project.
  • Guide providers on the solutions to be implemented
  • Define the functional goals to be achieved
  • Set up a step-by-step development strategy
  • Define the final tests to be set up

4. Choice of providers

Choice of providers by Pi Studio

On the basis of the specifications, the service providers are selected according to the relevance of the solutions they provide and the respect of the constraints imposed by the project. We assist you in reading the proposals to select the appropriate service provider.

Objectives :

  • To allow the service providers to understand the project’s outlines.
  • Analyze providers’ proposals
  • Selecting appropriate providers for the project

5. Follow up of services

Follow up of services by Pi Studio

Once the providers have been selected, it is time for everyone to get to work. This step will no longer be a dark and stressful tunnel waiting for the final rendering. Our Agile project management allows us to obtain visible results throughout the project by following the providers in the accomplishment of their tasks.

Objectives :

  • Regularly follow the progress of the project
  • Controls the stages of development
  • Manage the project schedule
  • Preparing the stage and final tests

6. Compliance check

Compliance check by Pi Studio

Starting from the initial specifications, each functionality is scrupulously tested and stressed to ensure that it works within the predefined limits. The conformity control phases are spread out throughout the project follow-up in order to be able to deliver a final product that complies with the established expectations.

Objectives :

  • Define test protocols
  • Set up functional tests as soon as possible
  • Correct any errors before they have an impact on the overall project
  • Checking the proper functioning of each functionality individually and in the project as a whole

7. Submission of the project

Submission of the project by Pi Studio

An information system is alive, and the delivery of the project is in a way the birth of a new tool that will evolve over time. We accompany you in the initial takeover of your successful project and in the follow-up of the results it brings to your work.

Objectives :

  • To accompany the taking in hand of the tools set up.
  • Accompanying change management in the company
  • Monitor the results obtained
  • And why not determine the next steps to grow your business!

Our last project

Nature Experience - V2

  • Business analysis and design
  • Development of the business platform
  • Web strategy
  • Change management
  • SEO optimization
  • Design and creation of websites
Nature Experience - V2 by Pi Studio

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